About Us

The Augusta County Militia is a living history organization that portrays the militia companies of the frontier areas of Virginia and Pennsylvania during the Revolutionary War, particularly the District of West Augusta. These citizen soldiers performed an array of military duties. They garrisoned forts, scouted and spied, augmented regular Army units, and conducted offensive expeditions. At times, they were called upon to take part in military operations on the eastern seaboard.

We participate in a variety of events that incorporate both re-enactments of military actions as well as public interpretations of period skills, trades, and daily life. We also create our own immersion events where we practice 18th century skills by hunting and camping.

The Augusta County Militia strives to maintain the highest levels of historical accuracy possible. Our impressions are based on the most current research into the material culture of the latter part of the eighteenth century.

Augusta County Militia is a member unit of the Continental Line Association, Mid-Atlantic Department.

*Please note*

We are not a genealogical entity. We do not maintain databases for Revolutionary War veterans, and we really can’t help with family research. Thanks!






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